Review on Usaa Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Oct 29, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Since its founding in the 1920s, USAA Insurance has protected service members and their families. The company was founded by ex-military commanders who recognized a need to help their fellow service personnel secure health insurance. This "A++" Superior A.M. Best-rated firm is an excellent choice for motorcycle insurance members of the U.S. military, National Guard, or Reserve. In 2021, USAA was the sixth-best property and casualty insurer by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners).

With a market share of 4.39 percent, USAA has more than $25 billion in direct premiums written. State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, Travelers, and CHUBB Limited are all insurance providers ahead of USAA in the rankings.

USAA does not have BBB accreditation but an "A+" rating. With 808 reviews, it has earned a 1.21-star rating. On USAA's BBB page, customers have lodged 2,031 complaints about the company's ad/sales practices, billing practises, delivery practices, guarantee practises, and service practises. In the past twelve months, 993 of these cases have been resolved.

Decisions Regarding Insurance Coverage

USAA has been using Progressive Insurance for motorbike insurance as of late. Coverage lasts for an entire year and includes a wide range of customization options: In the event of a bike accident in which you are found legally responsible, your liability coverage will kick in to cover medical expenses and repair costs for any damaged property.

Physical damage to your motorcycle from occurrences other than collisions, like falling objects, fire, and severe weather, is covered under comprehensive coverage. In an accident where you are at fault, collision insurance will pay for any repairs necessary to your motorcycle—up to $30,000 in protection for your one-of-a-kind hardware.

In a motorbike accident involving an uninsured driver, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will assist with medical bills and other costs. No matter who was at fault, medical payments will cover the cost of care for you and your passengers.

As an extra layer of protection in case your motorcycle breaks down on the road, "Roadside Assistance" is available as an add-on. It covers towing and repairs if you break down.

Methods of Payment

USAA allows customers to choose from a variety of convenient payment options. Payment plans with monthly installments are available if desired. You can pay with a credit card, EFT, money order, cheque, telephone, mail, and even PayPal, or set up automatic payments through your checking account.

A portable computer program With USAA's new complimentary mobile tools, you can use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay to make purchases. Payments can also be caused by linking a debit card to a mobile device. You may manage your USAA accounts and services, including making payments, from a single location. There are other ATMs and resources for locating loans.


The variety of excellent discounts available to USAA members is one of the best reasons service members select USAA. To give you an idea of the breadth of USAA's deals, below are just a few examples:

You can save money on your motorbike insurance with USAA if you also insure your home and car. Insuring multiple motorcycles with USAA qualifies you for a multi-vehicle discount.

The USAA Loyalty Discount is a renewal saving for customers that stick with USAA for continued insurance protection. Discount for completing a defensive driving course that USAA has approved.

An approved motorcycle training course can qualify you for a driver's training discount. Students in high school and college who consistently perform well academically are recognized with the Good Student award.

As a bonus for those who must leave their bikes in storage while deployed, we offer a discount. Take a motorcycle safety course recognized by USAA and receive a 5% discount on your annual premium. Members who avoid accidents throughout the insurance period are eligible for a good driver discount.

Insurers That Cover Other Types of Vehicles

Motorcycles aren't the only type of motorcycle USAA insures; they also insure boats, R.V.s, and other recreational vehicles. When you're a member of USAA, you can save five percent on ships. Discounts are also available for bundling multiple vehicles under one policy and completing a recognized driver safety course.

As a USAA member, you may save five percent on motorhome insurance and be assured that you are protected should you decide to use your R.V. as a temporary residence. Your premium will fluctuate with the average R.V. usage in your state during the year, but you'll be protected all year round. It is possible to have a deductible of zero dollars if you are a cautious driver.

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